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Since the beginning of the New Year, I have found myself going through my contact list and deleting people. Not out of anger or spite, I did it because the answer to the question, “are they a distraction to what God has planned for me?” was yes! I messaged them and told them what I was going to do and wished them well.

As a single person, the enemy can send people to distract us and even derail us from the path that God has placed us on. Sometimes, the things spoken over our lives do not come to pass, not because it would never happen, but because we took our destiny into our own hands and went off course. God now must fix our messes and put us back on course. Because we detoured, there is a delay in us receiving what God has planned for us.

I have never been one to pretend that all is well with me and my walk with God. I will be the first to admit that I have detoured, due to discontentment, but thank God that because of the relationship we have, He finds a way to nudge me, He shows me through events in my life that I am off course and the moment I re-align my priorities, a peace comes over me. Contentment.

We know that God has better things in store for us than we can ever have for ourselves; He knows the end from the beginning. Even though sometimes it is hard to wait and trust, that is all we really must do. God will come through, He always does. That peace that you feel when you know that you are on your “God path” is priceless.

Written by Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe April 7 2023

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