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So your spouse has died and you have decided that you want to try to find love again. That decision is not an easy one to make, I know. You have to be sure that is what you really want, you have to know the reason that you want to go there again and you have to be ready?

A time of prayer specifically for that decision is recommended and necessary. Seek God, He knows the end from the beginning so you can rest assured that He knows what is best and who is best for you.

You need some introspection, be honest, why do you want to go into another relationship? Is it the fear of being alone? Is it for sex? Is it that you feel that you can’t cope with making life’s decisions and managing on your own? If any of these are your reason, ask yourself if that is enough for wanting to be in a relationship.

The word of the Lord says that He would grant us the desires of our hearts, if you are in your twenties to fifties or even in your nineties, if this is your heart’s desire, then I believe that God will grant it for you, as long as your desire is in His will for you.

Sometimes because of our advance ages and all the side effects that comes with it (ha ha ha) we may become anxious or impatient.

While you wait:

See God as enough, seek Him, do His will, continue to walk in purpose.

Be contented, say as the Apostle Paul, “I have learnt that in whatever place/season that I am in, to be content”

Be happy, your happiness should not be contingent upon another person in your life, but after God, you. Love yourself and find ways to show it.

Prepare yourself for marriage, being married before may give you a heads up on what to expect, but this is a different person, in a different time, so you need to be ready to adjust and learn.

If you diligently seek to do these things, while you wait, you will be at peace. You would live positively and take one day at a time, knowing, believing that on one of those days, you would meet the one that you are to be with. Waiting is not a task, its preparation!

By Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe

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1 Comment

Susan Thomas
Susan Thomas
Feb 02, 2021

Keep up the good work for there are a lot of broken-hearted people who need someone to care for them I am happy that you have answered the call, may God continue to bless you with his strength and download his strategy so that you will be able to reach many I pray for the support God bless you my sister.

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