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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

To those of you who are always living in a “mountain top experience”, I applaud you, but to you, who like me have been going through hills and valleys, I empathize.

In our journey in life and in our walk with God, some seasons, some experiences lift us so high that we feel as though we touch heaven.

I know for me, times of worship when I connect so deeply with the Holy Spirit, takes me to heavenly places. It takes me so high that I seem to stay there for days, just basking. It’s like from one side of the spectrum to the other, because there are times when I feel so low, when I feel as though I am deep within an abyss and I can barely see the light above.

I know many question Elijah’s action, where he stood up to the heathens and proved that the God he served was the true God, his sacrifice burned, in spite of all the odds that was stacked against it. God showed up and showed off on his behalf. Then, the Queen threaten to kill him and he ran. Not just ran, he felt sorry for himself, he wanted to die.

But God assigned an angel to minister to him, birds to feed him, while he wallowed in self-pity. Can it be that God understands that we are human and that sometimes, things can happen in our lives and in spite of the highs we have had in Him, we can go to a very low place?

God understands. I believe that He allows us to go there sometimes, so that when He lifts us up again, and He will, we will transcend to even higher heights and experience new joys. He nurtures us in our low places for a while, but He never allows us to stay there.

I have found that it’s in my valleys that I become most reflective, I find time to ponder on who I am, who God says that I am. It’s in that place I appreciate most God’s promise to be with me, I look for him there and I find Him. In the light that I see no matter how deep I fall. In the voice that I hear in darkness. In the knowledge that He loves me even in my weakest moments, He cares about how I feel, always.

My life is filled with hills and valleys and it’s all part of my journey, as its part of yours. God doesn’t love us any less for our times of weakness. For the times when we don’t want to be strong any more, if just for a few minutes. See in those times that He sends comfort and He nurtures you so that you can be refreshed. You will rise again and experience the mountain top, and oh the joy it will bring knowing that the God of the mountain top was right there with you deep down in the valley.

Rest, refresh and rise again. God still has much for you to do.

By Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe

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