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The Daily Life of a Widow

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Hmm, I took a few minutes to ponder whether there was a difference in the daily life of a widow and any other human lives. I would think not. We have to acknowledge God the giver of life and we have to live one day at a time, fulfilling purpose and destiny.

But, if I really want to establish a difference in the life of a widow to anyone else, it would be the daily adjustments to what use to be normal to what it is now.

Adjusting to sleeping without a spouse. Adjusting to the realization that there is no one to run home to with a juicy piece of gossip from work, the one person that you can safely gossip with. Adjusting to, in some cases, preparing meals for one instead of two. Adjusting to hearing a song playing that he likes and not being able to call him to listen to it with you. The biggest adjustment though, is being able to accept yourself as single and see yourself as datable, desirable and even marriageable.

So we are back to the fact that the daily life of the widow is lived, one day at a time.

By Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe

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