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That Place

As I awoke this morning around the same time that I always do, the memory of me waking up with a song of praise in my mind, came back to me. Sometimes in my sleep, I would hear a worship song playing in my head and it would bring a smile to my lips. I felt so connected to God in those times, so in love with Him.

I still spend some time with Him every day, I still sing to Him sometimes, but I realized today, that we can allow the issues of life, our living or busyness, to rob us of the intim

ate connection with God. The type of connection that has an easy flow no matter what we are going through.

My purest joy over the years has come from touching God through worship, feeling His presence in such a profound way that, me who always has a slew of words to describe anything, is yet to come up with an apt one for how God makes me feel in that moment.

When I was reminded of that beautiful experience, my prayer was “Father take me back to that place”. Ironically, staying close to God and keeping in that place with Him is what would help us to

get through our trials. It’s what would give us the strength to do what we need to do, to live, to succeed, it’s what would help us to let go and let Him take over. Many a times, we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed instead. We move from that place of intimate connection, into routine “check ins”. Still, in a relationship, but not connected to the pure essence of what a relationship with God should and could be.

Again, the question is asked, “if God seems far, who moved?’’

God our Father will never let us go, but we need, in spite of all we may be experiencing, to stay in that place where there is joy in our hearts every day, a song on our lips and peace in our souls. It’s not impossible, it happens and it’s what God wants for us, always…

Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe

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1 Σχόλιο

24 Νοε 2022

Simply beautifully put!

So very true - Woman of God.

How very sad that so many have not discover this 'place' or 'this secret.'




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