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Should I Re-marry?

I smile as I prepare to put my thoughts into words because, I am presently at this place. Should I re-marry?

To each individual the answer would vary. There are some that have decided that they are done relationships. There are others that do not want to be alone, but in your mind and heart, you still feel married to your spouse and then there are those who don’t want to be alone, whose life and happiness strives within the bond of a marriage, a permanent relationship.

To those that rather live out the rest of your life without a spouse, there is no rule that says you must re-marry. You know yourself and you know if you rather deal with being alone instead of having to deal with building a new relationship with someone new. It’s not easy, so if you rather not, don’t.

To you who are still in-transit, between still being married emotionally and wanting to re-marry, take time. If what you desire is to give someone else a chance in your life, if you desire having a spouse again, take time. The mental and emotional separation takes longer for some than for others. Don’t force yourself to be ready but on the other hand don’t give up on trying again. Pray and ask God to help make you ready, to bring you to that place where you can release yourself to love someone else. Prayer and time heals. When the time is right by God’s grace you’ll know and let yourself go into a new love, a new future.

You who have already decided that you want to remarry, good for you! Go slow, go prayerfully. Sometimes we go after what we want without being cautious and sensible. What isn’t right with an individual before marriage, does not automatically becomes right after marriage. So as much as you want to have that companionship again, it’s better to wait and be sure that he/she is the one that God has for you. You want to share your life with someone that you love, love you and who you are happy with. Anything else is compromise. Why compromise your future happiness?

Me, I am praying and waiting for that person that can be added as an asset to my happiness. In the meantime, I serve God and love myself.

Written by Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe

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