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I am very short sighted, without my glasses, I cannot see my own reflection in the mirror unless I go very close to it. I am very dependent upon my glasses to be able to move about and see what is in front of me.

Today, while spending time with God, I told Him that I will trust Him beyond what I can see, and I thought about that. How far can I see into my future, beyond what is right in front of me? How far can you see? We see our financial struggles that are overwhelming. We see the children that we are praying for, seemingly go further and further away from God. We see the empty spaces around us, even though we want companionship. We see our bodies slowly aging and feel the pains that are more and more becoming part of our daily lives. But, God sees beyond that. He sees the end result. He knows why we are facing these daily challenges. He knows the way out of all of them.

We must be able to speak and believe to be true, that “all things work for our good”. We must believe that God has made a way of escape when we can bear no more. And, we must, like the Apostle Paul be able to say, “no matter what is my lot, in all things, I have learnt to be content”.

All of this is part of trusting God. Is it easy? No. some of us have reoccurring problems for years and may wonder, where is God in all of it. But the just shall live by faith and faith is what we hope for without seeing the evidence of it.

What else is there for us to do than to trust God and the promises in His word, to bring comfort to our hearts and a confidence to say, “I may not see beyond what is right in front of me, but God sees the end results. Therefore, I will trust Him. Sometimes it may be difficult to do but by God’s grace it is never impossible!

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1 Comment

Ruth Bramble
Ruth Bramble
Jun 02, 2022

Amen! I will Trust God beyond what I can see. Great inspiration Minister Lorraine.

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