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I may be criticized for saying this but the weight I am referring to in this case is people.

People who you keep in your life even though they hold you down. They do not add anything to your life. You must be constantly trying to keep whatever relationship you have with them afloat.


I have become the block and delete queen. Being single, I have made many new contacts, but most of them are faded out on my contact list, with “you have blocked this contact next to the name.

I am not being harsh; I am being wise. Sometimes out of loneliness, desperation or even low self-esteem, we keep people in our lives that only bring negative energies. We keep them because we are afraid to be alone or we even think that it’s the best that we can do. Sometimes we are intimidated by them, so we keep them around to avoid the ultimate confrontation.

I have learnt that God is my Constant, always there, the Friend that sticks closer than a brother, the Father who wants the best for His child. The provider, the one who will be there for you if you make your bed in hell. With someone like that in my life, I don’t need the negatives, the mediocre.

I don't need people who does not appreciate who God is in my life. I don’t need people who try to take away the peace that God has given to me. Life is to be lived firstly, to please God, then taking care of yourself, your mental health, peace of mind, physical health. As stress free as possible.

If there are people in your life that are not helping you to achieve those things, that are doing the opposite, you should think about letting go of the weight. I have learnt that if you don’t make self-care a priority, you will not be able to be there and help people as you should. Let go of the weight.  Just saying…

Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe: 2024

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