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We live in a world where, to be able to deal wit grief and overcome it, is a great individual victory. I know that our victories, be it from grief, hurt or disappointment, are not to be celebrated and forgotten, I believe that whatever we may go through in life is an experience to be used to help others.

Why do I say that? Everyone goes through emotional issues at some point in their lives, but not everyone triumphs. Sometimes these issues lead to chronic depression, suicidal thoughts or sometimes actual suicides. Think about the person that you can help, the life that you can save, if you extend empathy to others because you’ve been there.

Many years ago, the Lord revealed to me that I am a living visual aid, an object lesson. Like Hosea, who He allowed to marry a prostitute so that he, Hosea, could have understood and prophesy to the people about how God felt when they went after strange Gods.

Sharing some of your most personnel struggles is not easy, but when lead by God to do so, it is a form of healing in your own life, a sealing of your victory. As Christians, we need to be honest and open about these issues because there may be people suffering in silence, thinking that no one will understand or that the Christian life is all flowers and rainbows, so something is wrong with them, because of their struggles.

Let each of us, whenever we can, wherever we can, help another and bring glory to God by helping others to also have victories.

Written By Lorraine Anthony-Bynoe April 7 2023

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